Thanks for choosing to come enjoy the Hogg-toberfest event on Saturday, October 1.

You will shortly receive an email from “The Travel Insider” with the subject “Your The Travel Insider receipt” that shows the details of your booking.

1. Please check and confirm it shows the correct times for your transfers to and from the event.

2. Please keep this confirmation and show it to us when you board the coach in Bay City.

We’ll then give you physical tickets for your return back to Bay City on the return coach transfer you have just now booked, and you’ll need to show those tickets to board the coach for the return journey.

If you don’t get the email, check your spam folders.  The email actually comes from, which is the payment processor that charged your card.

Some helpful information :

1. Please see the map, below, for where Walmart is in Bay City and where the coach will be picking up and dropping off (the red marking). Basically, park close to the Murphy Gas station on the east side of the car park.

2. Very important. Please note that we have a tight schedule and will do our best to keep to it. This does mean though that we can not and will not wait for anyone who is late – for all we know, you’ve changed your mind and simply aren’t traveling.

3. Also very important. You are confirmed to travel on the coach times you have now booked, both to go to the Plantation and to return from the Plantation. But – a bit like flying – you must be ready to board the coach five minutes before its departure time. Five minutes prior to departure, we release all not-yet-taken seats and allow other people to board on a standby basis. You can still board, but on a standby basis and assuming someone else isn’t now on board before you. In other words, best to be there five minutes early to guarantee your seat!

4. You too can try for standby travel on a different coach time. We can tell you if other coach times are full, nearly full, or still have reasonable seats. The one thing we caution you about though is deciding to standby for a later return journey. If your standby status fails to get you a seat, you might be stuck in West Columbia. It is a 24 mile journey from West Columbia to Bay City….. In other words, standing by for an earlier journey is okay, because worst case scenario is you don’t get on it and still have your later journey seat confirmed. But skipping your confirmed journey and hoping to get on a later journey is risky.

5.  If you lose your confirmation (that should be close to impossible – how do you lose an email, after all!), or if you lose the physical tickets we give you for the return journey, you’ll have to buy new standby tickets or make other arrangements. At $2.50 per each way ticket, we don’t have a sophisticated control system, and have no easy way, on the day, in a rush, to try and dig through the paperwork to recreate your booking, tickets, etc.

6. Any more questions? Simply send us an email and we’ll try to answer them as best we can!