Gas isn’t the only thing skyrocketing in price.  Have you checked the cost of a steak – even of ground beef – lately?

Smart people know there’s a solution.  Buying in bulk.  Even smarter people go to a local custom packer, and get exactly the cuts they want, prepared how they want, vacuum packed and pre-frozen to preserve best quality and give you longest storage life.

The Vallet Packing House in Edna is how you can buy better beef at better prices.  If you’ve as little as 5 cubic feet of freezer space, you can choose a quarter calf, have it cut up exactly how you want, and collect it, portion controlled, vacuum packed, and pre-frozen.  If you’ve more space, get a half or whole calf.

Vallet Packing in Edna is open every Monday to Friday, and weekends by appointment.

For more details, please visit their Facebook page  Or go visit them at 3035 FM 822, Edna 77957 (just a few miles north of downtown).  Their phone number is (361)235-9540, and their email is [email protected].  Owners Jason and Stephanie will be delighted to meet with you and help you choose exactly the cuts of meat you want.

Their custom-designed newly renovated premises are state inspected to ensure you get the best quality meat, every time.

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