Bay and Beyond Broadcasting is a relatively new company.  It has just completed the acquisition of two radio stations southwest of Houston and expects to complete the purchase of a third station in early July.  Bay and Beyond is a small business and locally owned.  We are not an anonymous faceless mega-corporation, you’ll be working alongside the owner most of most days.

We’re currently hiring for positions in most parts of our operations.  These fall in three main areas :

The back office functions such as accounting, and other radio-specific tasks such as writing and producing radio ads, scheduling them for when they’ll play, arranging for billing, and so on.

The sales type functions, working mainly with local advertisers and helping together with them to create advertising plans that will be cost effective for the advertiser (so they keep coming back for more in the future!).  While cold-calling is always appreciated, most of your work will be with existing regular advertisers, keeping their ads up to date and adjusting for seasonal issues, special promotions, and so on.

The on-air announcing functions, where you get to host the music, public information, and ads we play for some part of some days.  While this might seem glamorous, in reality it is quite hard work to balance all the different elements that go into making a good radio show.  It is also, perhaps paradoxically, the least-well paid of the three types of work duties.

There are other skills and tasks that we have as well, but usually they are included as one part of the main job types above, especially in our case because even though we have three stations, we’re very small and can’t (yet!) justify full time people in these other roles.  Examples of these roles include news-gathering and interviewing, social media presence, technical elements, sports commentary, and assorted other duties.

Of course, we’d love to have the “perfect person” with the complete experience we need appear magically on our doorstep.  But this is not likely to happen.  The good news is that every part of working in a radio station can of course be taught, and if you can impress us with your general personal characteristics and ability and background, we will work with you to give you the skills you need to do well with us.

We try to be meticulously fair and respectful with our people, and expect the same in return as to how our people interact with each other, with management, and with our clients and the communities we serve.  We’re of course an equal opportunity employer.

If any of this sounds like it might appeal to you, please send in a resume to [email protected].


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